Saturday, July 17, 2010


Firstly, FIFA world cop started from Uruguay in 1930 A.D. 19th FIFA World Cup-2010 organized by South Africa. South Africa conducts the FIFA World Cup-2010 from 2010-06-11 until 2010-07-11. Thirty two countries had taken part in 19th world cup. Different eight categories divided of 32 countries. These are the countries, which was the FIFA had kept in group wise.
Group A: - South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France.
Group B: - Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece.
Group C: - England, America, Algeria, Slovenia.
Group D: - German, Australia, Serbia, Ghana.
Group E: - Netherland, Denmark, Japan, Camroon.
Group F: - Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia.
Group G: - Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal.
Group H: - Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile.
The mascot of FIFA World Cup-2010 was opened by FIFA in 2008-sep-23. Green head leopard as a presented on map in the mascot, where ZAKUMI was written in the mascot. Where ZA presented of South Africa and KUMI presented of 10 languages of South Africa. Which mascot was made by Andres Odinad of Keptoun. Nelson Mandela had get chance to inauguration of 19th FIFA World Cup-2010 but unfortunately his grand doughter had died one day before inauguration ceremony of FIFA World Cup-2010.So, he couldn’t attend inauguration ceremony.
The Fifa Cup has made by eighteen caret gold and it’s weight has 6.175 kg. Spain won the Fifa Cup-2010. Spain defeated Netherland by 1-0 at Johannesburg Stadium. Similarly, Netherland has got second and German also got third position of 19 FIFA World Cup-2010. These are the excellent player of this World Cup-2010.
Excellent Player : - Diageo Phorlan (Uruguay)
Golden shoes Winner : - Thomas Muter (German)
Silver shoes Winner : - David Villa (Spain)
Bronze shoes Winner : - Basle Snider (Netherland)
Excellent Goalkeeper : - Ekar Kasiyas (Spain)
Maximum short kick Player: - Asamona Giyan (Ghana)
Discipline Team : -Spain
Nelson Mandela has ending ceremony of FIFA World Cup-2010 at Jonahesbarg Stadium of South Africa.

Friday, July 16, 2010


29th Beijing Olympic Game started from 2008-08-08 to 24 A.D. in bird nest stadium of China. This is the third time to organized Olympic Game in Asia. 205 countries take parts in this Olympic Game. “One World, One Dream” slogan was given this Beijing Olympic Game-2008. 55 countries have got golden awards and 87 countries have got any one award in Beijing Olympic Game-2008. In this Olympic, Olympic light had crossed 1 lakhs 37 thousands kilometer distance. Maichel Falex of America, who won eight golden awards in this Beijing Olympic Game-2008 from swimming game. These are the first top 10 countries who won golden, silver, and bronze award in Beijing Olympic Game-2008.
Countries Golden Silver Bronze Total
China 51 21 28 100
America 36 38 36 110
Russia 23 21 28 72
London 19 13 15 47
German 16 10 15 41
Austrila 14 15 17 46
South Africa 13 10 8 31
Japan 9 6 10 25
Itali 8 10 10 28
France 7 16 17 40

Doing leadership of Nepal, Deepak Bista had carried the flag of Nepal in Beijing Olympic Game-2008. India and Afganistan had got the awards in Beijing Olympic Game-2008, from South Asian countries. China who had got the first golden award and France who had got the last golden award in Beijing Olympic Game-2008. 30th Olympic Game will organized by London in 2012 A.D.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The great footballer of Argentina's Maradona is always come out in rumer and debets. He is not come out the rumer of as a player and He is also come out as a rumer of coacher. Last time, he come out in the rumer of wearing two watches at his hand. Generally, people wear single watch. But when Nigeria's player and Argentina's player was going to play game on jonahesburg of South Africa, at that time, he had weared two watches at his hand. It is true that, he wears two watches, while he goes out of country. He wears two watches in the purpose of, in one watch there are setting of local country's time, and other watch is setting of Argentina's time. But his watch is not only special, his eartop is made by exensive diamond which is also psecial to see.
But unfortunitily, Argentina's team loss the match in South Africa's Stadium. German defeated Argentina by 4-0 at quarter final. So that Argentina's team come back at his country. Not only that, Argentina's team also loss the FIFA CUP-2010 at Jonahesbarg of South Africa.


11th South Asian Game organized by Bangladesh in 2010-01-29 to 2010-02-09. This game was inaugurated by Shek asina (prime minister of Bangladesh) at Bangabandu Stadium. Eight countries had taked part in this South Asian Game. India won the first golden award in this competition from ladies cycling. 283 players had played in 11th South Asian Game from Nepal. Bharat who had carried the flag of Nepal in 11th South Asian Game at Bangabandu Stadium. Benita Mahargen had won the first golden award and Rajendra Bharati also won the last golden award for Nepal. These are the players who won the golden award in Bangabandu Stadium from Nepal.
1. Deepak Bista :-Tekwando
2. Aayasha Shakya :-Tekwando
3. Angbabu Lama :-Ussu
4. Binita Mahargen :-Ussu
5. Binod Shakya :-Karatea
6. Ganga Adhikari :-Karatea
7. Rajendra Adhikari :-Athletic
8. Sunil Lama :-Karatea
As soon as these are the countries who won the award in 11th South Asian Game in Bangabandu Stadium.

India 90 55 28 173
Pakistan 19 25 36 80
Bangladesh 18 23 53 97
Sri Lanka 16 34 54 104 Nepal 8 9 21 38
Afganistan 7 9 16 32
Bhutan 0 2 3 5
Maldips 0 0 2 2
Total 157 157 214 528

At last the president on Bangladesh, who had end the 11th South Asian Game in 2010-02-09 at Bangabandu Stadium.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


To intensive the players and the purpose of as a whole development of sports in Nepal, the government of Nepal has been providing various awards from 2055 B.S. These awards are as follows:-
Golden Award Silver Award Bronze Award

1. Single 1 Lakhs 50Thousand 1 Lakhs 50 Thousand

2. In Group (each) 75 Thousand 50 Thousand 30 Thousand


1. Single 4 Lakhs 3 Lakhs 1 Lakhs 75 Thous.
2. In Group (each) 2 Lakhs 1 Lakhs 75 Thous. 75 Thous.


1. Single 8 Lakhs 6 Lakhs 4 Lakhs

2. In Group (each) 4 Lakhs 3 Lakhs 1 Lakhs 50 Thous.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Nepal is a developing country in the field of sports. Dandibio and cabardi game is national game in our country. Similarly, Nepal badminton union, Nepal football union (Akhil nepal union) also stablished in 2008 B.D. As soon as national sports counsil is stablished in 2017 B.D. Before 1017 B.D. it's name was national health and sports counsil. It's established in 2015 B.D.
Similarly, Nepal got member of FIFA in 1971 A.D. Jit bahadur K. C. is a first person, who gets international award manila of philipins. Nepal cricket team also established in 2004 B.D. This union also take member of international cricket union in 1988 A.D. Nepal cricket team won the U-19 ACC Alite Cricket Cup-2007, Where Afganistan was deflacted. Nepal wan by 48 runs. Jumanu Rai(football) and Karishma Karki(Athletio) was best player in 2065 B.D.
At last Nepal played 5th national sports in2065-12-24 to 30 B.D. in kathmandu. After playing 5th national sports 2065, 6th national sports will be playing in 2067-12-07 B.D.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


The cricketing gods smiled on M. S. Dhoni and his men. The Indian team won the Asia Cup at Dambulla through a largly effective campaign that culminated in the final on june 24 where Sri Lanka was deflated India won by 81 runs.
India bucked history and current odds to scuttle an upbeat host. India last won the Asia Cup in 1995, while Sri Lanka was the defending champion and on the verge of scoring a hat-trick of triumphs after having secured the title in 2004 and2008.
Dhoni's men, hurt by the loss against Sri Lanka in the last league game, turned on the heat in the summit clash. A few twist of fate also helped India's progress to the victor's podium as Dhoni called correctly at the toss, a factor that often determines result in Sri Lanka.